Poetry Corner – “The Mark Made Me”

“The Mark Made Me”

The scar lingers out of sight
Underneath the collar
No princess-cut from thee,
Right over the mammary
And it still aches to breathe
The silk offends sensibility
Water brings no relief
In a livid red it blazes
Proclaiming agony in every inch
Please don’t touch, don’t look
I curl around it, wishing away
But it never heals
Because you slice the same
And I don’t fight 


Poetry Corner – “Maybe Someday” (2003)

“Maybe Someday” (2003)

Yes, you were the one
To make the wounds all right.
If you wanted to take me over,
I’d go without a fight.
But I’m young.
I don’t think I could have been
The one to make you sigh in delight.
No, not quite.

Someday, when I get older
Maybe I’ll understand.
Maybe someday,
When I get older,
You and I can be lovers.

I had all these misconceptions in my head.
Reality ensued instead.
It wasn’t like the novels I had read.
Where were all the nights alone,
The walks on the beach,
The breakfast in bed?
Could I really be the one
To have your desires fed?
No, I was misled.

Someday, when I get older
Maybe I’ll understand.
Maybe someday,
When I get older,
You and I can be lovers.
Yeah, someday, when I get older
I’ll be out of this fantasyland.
Then you and I can be lovers.

You think I’m the right one for you.
Perhaps someday that could be true.
But right now, I’ve got some growing to do.

Poetry Corner – “Invisible Woman”

“Invisible Woman”

Sliding in from the shadows
A blur in the corner of the eye
She lingers on the peripheral
If you could see her eyes
You would run from the horror
When she attempts to speak
Her words turn into smoke
At her most bare no one detects
The identity she wears like a shroud
Shes the greatest mystery known
This invisible woman

Poetry Corner – “Gon Learn Today”

“Gon Learn Today”

Did you hear the news?
Did you hear the tea spillin’ truth?
You see her eyes roll
Neglect has taken toll
When you flee for the telephone
Your cover’s blown
If you didn’t get the point  I made
Boy, you gon learn today

Did you see the storm?
Did you see the dark ’cause no one’s home?
You get the dial tone
‘Cause she’s in a different zone
And maybe she’s lil’ wary
Of being your faithful ferry
If you think you’ll pass with nothing to pay
Boy, you gon learn today

Common sense makes smarter men
Smarter men make sense happen

Did you smell the smoke?
Did you see the real under the cloak?
You wonder why she’s ignoring you
But stop and take a slanted view
Perhaps she thinks of moving on
Tired of being lonely when she’s not alone
If you think that it wouldn’t burn
Boy, you gon learn