Each post on this site will be separated into a category; so far I only have a few, but I am sure that I will add some in the future as they come to me. There is nothing more liberating than testing out an idea, right?


Inner Bitch Moment
No matter how nice a girl is, there is a raging bitch waiting to get out–and if you want to keep the peace, you have to let her out. I let out my inner bitch with an original song, a random video, or whatever tickles my fancy.

The Woman in the Fire
Some characters are too fierce to ignore. Take Daniella Thomas for example, beauty queen turned assassin. Who wouldn’t want to explore that journey?

The Payback List
A little bit more on the realistic side, the List follows a group of friends conspiring against the most loathsome of creatures: their exes.

Midnight Moon
All writing is an exercise, no matter how short or long it is. In preparation for my “big thing,” I am forcing myself to write short character studies of my major characters.

Former secretary turned spy? Bored rich guy turned badass leader? Only in my world! Welcome to the RSA, bitches.

Sunday Snippet
Every Sunday I will look through my lovely cache of unfinished lyrics and post for the world to see. No stealing, please!


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