Random Musings I: Reasons Why I Would Love to Be Daniella Thomas for a Day

The Fall Girl

Image Daniella Van Graas: A real Danie, just not mine. But if a Midnight Moon movie ever happens (yeah, right), I know who’s gonna be playing The Firestarter… 😉

So. I have problems with assertiveness. I linger in doorways waiting to be noticed, remain silent until it’s my turn to speak. I languish in my room wishing for excitement. I fidget awkwardly at parties where I only know one or two people. Gosh, I’m boring, aren’t I?

Living vicariously through characters provides me with an outlet for some of my inner frustrations about my own personality. However, don’t you think it would be more fun just to embody a creation for a day? To be a markedly different person? To don a mask and step into someone else’s shoes?

The first on my list would be Daniella Elizabeth Thomas.

Why Danie?

I created Daniella (at first named Dana) out of the…

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The Woman in the Fire – “Avery” Part I

Fear Not Productions

As a writer, I go through phases during which one character is more appealing to me than another. At the moment, Danie holds a particular fascination for. She is one of my original characters and has changed form since I created her in 1994. (Can you blame me? I was only nine years old!) I posted about her on The Fall Girl a couple of months ago, listing reasons why I would love to be her for a day.

The Woman in the Fire is my chance to tell Danie’s story and to strengthen my writing–as is any opportunity.  I hope you all like her. She is going to be bullheaded, rash, witty, insolent, and beautifully bitchy.



The only thing she remembered after the Incident was waking up in a stinking alley amid jagged soup cans and her own blood seeping from a head wound.

It had been…

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The Payback List – I: Della

Fear Not Productions

In late 2010, I had the unfortunate experience of dating a young man…well, I won’t start of the explanation that way because honestly,  that part is no divertido! I started this story as sort of payback in my own nerdy girl manner, hoping it would spread among avid readers who would recognize and sneer at his inappropriate cockiness…but I ended up liking the character development more. Each of the five female protagonists will have a chance at telling the story. At the moment, speaking in Della’s voice is rather cathartic; she is another flavor of Inner Bitch that sort of reminds me of my brother, and his candor, while brutal at times, can be entertaining.

I can’t wait to finish “Man Candy” inspired by Mr. Adam Martin. It’s cheeky fun. 😉




Our tale of heartbreak and vengeance begins in the house of flying noodles.


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