Poetry Corner – “Receive/Give”


He presents a present–a contradiction!
What shall we think of thoughtful gesture?
And she pleaded for nothing, bemused reception;
The meaning of this–shall we find our scope?
Underneath the glass lurks from your vantage
View however you see it–torn by warring sentiments;
So rare an object should not be wasted 
On a companion of little worth–
Ah, but this is not of weight, of consequence!
Merely left over, something he happened to have–
Can’t you see friends, it is hardly more than trifle!
Do not raise your hopes, he’d soon give it to a stranger;
And that she assures herself with the reaction
That she should not lack in generosity.
‘Tis the season for such demonstration,
So she shall partake in the mimicry, fretting
That her offering will suffer ridicule in his regard
And fear that she is making a tower out of a toothpick house.


Poetry Corner – “If You Go”

“If You Go”

If you go
I’ll let you fly
Won’t stand in the way
Because you were never mine

If you go
I might cry
But when you glance at me
Mirth will shine in my eyes

Who has time to be lonely?
To lament
On time spent
I’d rather live

If you go
I’ll pack your socks
To calm the chaos
Ensure nothing’s lost

If you go
I’ll wish you well
Because you’ll be precious
No matter where you dwell

Why make a wish on a star?
They twinkle there
Without a care
I’d rather live