Poetry Corner – “War”


all the soldiers in a line
marching down in time
all the soldiers in a line
marching down in time

donning the armor
sent to fight this skirmish
can’t shake the fervor
inside I don’t want this
tang of powder in the air
blades stained in red
deep down, worse for the wear
wish I had peace instead

but no matter your intention, what you feel at the core
everything gets skewed in the heat of war

all the soldiers in a line
halting on a dime
all the soldiers in a line
halting on a dime

they threw the first grenade
is what history will say
maybe the rift was an even trade
and began in a different way
no one was careful, slinging mud
planting spies to ascertain the signs
no one saw the error till the damage was done

even if you start clear on what you’re fighting for
everything gets skewed in the heat of war

glory to those who partake
and have the victory to celebrate
you’re mama’s soldier, daddy’s little marine
be all you can be till your knuckles are bloody
repeat the slogan till it’s a litany
fight till it’s hard to breathe

now we arrive back at home
alliances deeply torn
in the fading smoke 
new resentments born
blinded by the haze
the worst of nature will rise
in those uncertain days

even if you take no heed of the fighting lore
everything gets skewed in the heat of war

Poetry Corner – “Fortress”


I let you in, I let you
in, let you in, I let you

take over me like I was
easily deceived, had no
control, like you stole
all my common sense
and you, sir, you were
not common, or maybe
you had me fooled

you came with your arms
and strategy, leaving me
to fumble over my defenses
didn’t see it coming
left such a mess when
you stormed the fortress

I let you in, I let you
in, let you in, I let you

lead the way to parts
unknown, had the sway
of novelty, all I knew
was you and me for certainly
or so I perceived in my
haze, a loathed daze
thought that I’d been schooled

you came like a guide,
a fun ride for me, but it’s
too quickly over
wish the future I knew
threw everything askew
when you stormed the fortress

the foundation is crumbling
like a heart stumbling over
the sound of your voice
but it’s not the words that I
want to hear or affection
I hold dear, it’s assault
but who’s to blame?
it’s all my fault because

I let you in, I let you
in, let you in, I let you
I let you in, I let you
in, let you in, I let you

Poetry Corner – “The Upside of Goodbye”

“The Upside of Goodbye”

I said time was up
On our two-year soiree
Because it seemed like
Your mind went astray

Seeing you gone
Brings a tear to my eye
So the king size
Is all mine
So welcome to the upside of goodbye

You called me up
Just to whine in my ear
About your loneliness
And how you wish I was here

The happy face in my mirror
Now doesn’t lie
And the good wine
Is all mine
This is the upside of goodbye

Poetry Corner – “Booty Queen”

“Booty Queen”

She’s gotta a pair of jeans
Size five
That she knows she’s gotta
Suck it in
So she can fit in them
It’s one of those nights
When the freaks
Come out
And she’s gonna be dressed to get her freak on

She stands in line
With the other girls
Cocking a hip so the guys can see
Giving them a sight
They can have in their dreams
And you know
They’re gonna want the same thing
When they look at me

I know I’ve got a lotta sass
And I’ll go out to shake my ass
Whenever I feel the need
I’m not gonna be your booty queen

She’s got that rhythm
With the dance beat
She knows she’s got you by the balls
Down on your knees
Begging please
For a striptease in the VIP
Or maybe in a hotel room
If it gets that dirty

She puts on her lip gloss
Knowing all the others are in envy
Of her enticing physique
Yeah, she thinks it’s tough to beat
But I have to entreat
That when you look at me
You won’t want the same thing

I know I’ve got a lotta sass
And I’ll go out to shake my ass
Whenever I feel the need
I decide when that will be, will be

All hail
To the booty queen
She can shake it like a washing machine
So fresh and so clean, so clean
The booty queen
All hail

Poetry Corner – “Remember When”

“Remember When”

I can still hear even in the back of my mind at night
The bees buzzing in the flowering trees of the spring
With the light sweetness in the air, oh right there
I can almost forget that the earth even moves

Beside you, the world can stand completely still

Back then
Remember when
Things used to be simple
Before the end
Remember when
When we lived and loved and didn’t let
Life get us down

I can still hear your laugh haunting me in a dream
The smell of your freshly washed hair in the wind
In the gold of the setting sun, you and I were one
It seems that time stopped in its winged chariot, just for a moment

Back then
Remember when
Things made some sense
Before the end
Remember when laughed and cried and didn’t let
Life turn us ’round

Poetry Corner – “Helping Hand”

“Helping Hand”

Little microscopic pieces of 
A virus that eats us alive
From the inside
We can do nothing but
Succumb to the sickness

The foundation is crumbling
Coming completely down
Is there a cure for it?

Here I come with a benediction
To help with our affliction
But we’re too far gone
I just helped the end along
There’s no way I could have a helping hand

Poetry Corner – “All Yours”

“All Yours”

Oh yes, there’s the buzz
The looks from the hopeful
The whispers from the jealous ones
When he walks in the room
In his slick urban costume
Everyone acts like they’ve been blessed

He’s Hell’s gift to womankind
The mistake you never wanna claim
He’s the kinda fella that makes you
Hate everyone with his name
But if you want him, you’ve got him
He’s all yours

Oh yes, that’s what I said
He’s all yours

Sunday Snippet – The Gifted, Kane-sama and Sydney

Back in the day, I started this story called The Gifted. It had begun as a Fearless fan fiction story (and by the way, I wouldn’t be able to imagine Blake Lively as Gaia Moore, just sayin), but then my interest waned. Once I formed an interest in the show Alias, I had reimagined the story including characters from that series. I wrote a few chapters before I realized that I wanted to make this into a novel with my original characters.

This scene is interesting because it introduces Irina Derevko as being alive–and with a connection to Kane, no doubt.


She found him sitting on a rock and facing the setting sun as if it were the most fascinating thing in the world—or a train wreck he couldn’t tear his eyes from. His black hair was unbound this time, giving him a slight vulnerability amid his inherent strength and power. The long silken strands fluttered in the light breeze, and even as some hair got into his face, he didn’t move, didn’t blink. As Sydney inched closer to him, she wondered if perhaps he had fallen asleep with his eyes open. She had seen it happen before when Carmen forced her, Francie, and Will to watch Major Payne one night.

She was so startled when he spoke and she nearly lost control of her bladder.

When Kane, without moving, flicked dark eyes in her direction, she swallowed a gasp. He hadn’t been unusually cruel to her and her fellow Gifted Nine mates so far—Felice, Aurora, Angelia, and Bennett hadn’t been either, thankfully—but he didn’t look like he would take too kindly to her showing weakness either. Steeling her courage, she spoke.

“Kane-sensei,” she began, “I am sorry to bother you but I…I would like to know what really happened to my mother.”

A humming moment passed, and Sydney was sure that he was eyes-open unconscious when he pursed his lips.

“Sit down, Sydney,” he said softly.

Quietly Sydney went to sit beside him on another rock.

“I can only tell you so much,” Kane explained. “There are many things that I do not know about your mother.” He paused for a moment then and turned his head as if he were going to look at her sidelong but didn’t completely finish the movement and ended up looking in her general direction. “And there are things that I know…but cannot tell you.”

She was so close. She could sense it, like it were a building on the distant, hazy horizon. And Kane’s last statement only served to intensify the fury that she had kept buried inside of her for years, the grief that had made her feel awkward in the face of others who had a full parental unit. It was if he had something to do with her mother’s death, like he had delivered the killing blow.

She almost jumped to her feet quickly…but he placed a hand on her thigh, restraining her. It was then that he looked into her eyes. He was not shocked by the emotions swirling in her brown eyes, only resigned by them.

“I’ll say it again. Sit down, Sydney.” His voice was even with an edge sharper than Celie’s razor.

Swallowing her fury, Sydney slowly lowered herself beside him. Her fists were clenched at her side as she waited for him to speak again. She braced herself for some earth-shattering revelation.

“I met your mother over a decade ago,” Kane started.

Midnight Moon – “Men Are From Mars…”

I wrote this one back during my freshman year of college when I was dating Mr. Shameless and before I conceived Midnight Moon in this overactive brain of mine. I haven’t decided to Moira-Selene’s love interest is going to be quite yet. The best part about this, for me as I read it, is how the characters interact with one another.


“Men Are from Mars, and Women Want to Kick Their Asses”


Moira-Selene would never understand men, no matter how long she lived.

Sure she was the smartest girl in the Thomas family (aside from Jessica, of course), but she could never figure the puzzling mind of a man. No book or magazine could relax the permanent crease she had in her forehead because of her new boyfriend. She realized this, and quite dejectedly so, as she sat in the living room of the apartment she shared with her sister Danie and her cousin Jennifer. The clock blazed the numbers of eight, four, and nine, and Moira realized that her Saturday night was shot.

“I’d stop waiting by the phone if I were you,” Danie muttered from behind Cosmopolitan magazine with her raven hair in a deep conditioning. “He’s not going to call.”
“Whoever said I was waiting on him to call?” Moira-Selene inquired defensively.

Danie lowered the magazine, its cover proclaiming one hundred and one sex positions, and raised one perfectly arched eyebrow as if she were Dwayne Johnson’s long-lost younger sister. “Hello?!” she trilled. “Look at the eager, I’m-gonna-win-the-Publisher’s-Clearing-House-Sweepstakes look on your face! I know that look.” She paused with a reflective expression. “Sometime ago, I had that look on my face, too.”
Moira-Selene rolled her eyes. “Danie,” she began patiently, “if I may recall, I think a certain roommate of mine was shooing everyone away from the phone last night to make sure she got a call from a certain, oh, what’s his name again?”
If Danie’s hair hadn’t been wrapped up in the towel, she would have tossed it nonchalantly over her shoulder, but she lifted the magazine back to eye level instead. “We’re not talking about me, here. We’re talking about you.” Danie threw the pillow at her. “Now get away from the damn phone. Make some cookies or something. I’m hungry.”
Gee, what a loving sister she was.

But Moira-Selene heaved herself from the couch and walked into the kitchenette, hearing Jennifer’s giddy voice drift in. Even though Danie could be a bit brash, she had a good idea. Making cookies would take her mind off Duo, and then she could think clearly. With resolve, she turned to the pantry to take out the ingredients. That was when the phone rang. Her heart galloped, and she stalked out of the kitchenette to answer it.

“I’ll get it!” Danie sang out, diving for the phone as if it were a life preserver. Moira-Selene watched with hopeful, wide eyes. “Hello?” The longest pause in the world. Then Danie grinned. “Oh hi Danny! I didn’t expect to hear from you tonight.” She gave Moira a look that said, Go away, the phone is mine.

Aw, damn. Toll House, here Mo comes.

Moira-Selene drifted back into the kitchen. She retrieved a huge bowl and a wooden spoon. After throwing together the ingredients, she whipped them into a frenzy until her arm screamed at her. When she stopped, she found herself crying softly into the cookie batter.

Moira dropped the bowl onto the counter despondently. What the hell had made her like this?

Oh. Yeah. Right. Gotta go back and explain…

*              *              *

Ten months ago, Moira-Selene Eleanor Thomas had been a single woman. If anyone had brought it to her attention, she’d badger them with a long, verbose explanation about how she and members of the opposite gender were not compatible, and the ones with fully functioning brain cells opted to go for the silly, blond-haired type.

Then Jennifer would get all pissy like someone gave her Suave shampoo instead of Pantene, and she’d have to amend her statement: they went for the dumb girls—no matter what hair color they had. And then they understood.

“But Mo,” Gretchen said on one occasion as they were at Belvidere’s, “not all guys are hormonal football game-watching, beer-guzzling, Playboy-perusing freaks.”
“But a lot of them are,” Samantha broke in, sipping water.

“Some of them are sweet,” Gretchen insisted.

“Do you include your last five boyfriends in that category—the ones that cheated on you, if I may recall?”
After Samantha said that, Gretchen sighed and returned to her own water. Moira-Selene knew that Gretchen’s love life wasn’t exactly the best in the world, but she did have a point. There were exceptions to every rule.

“You just gotta show those guys who’s boss,” Danie declared. “Be confident. Don’t them step all over you.”
“Yeah, but no one likes to be bossed around,” Gretchen pointed out.

Danie held her hand out, bent at the wrist as if she were expecting some rich businessman to kiss it, and prepared the table for another Daniella Thomas enlightenment. “I didn’t say ‘boss him around,’” Danie said. “There are many ways to get a man to do what you want him to do.”
Samantha rolled her eyes. “Danie, holding out on sex only works sometimes. Sometimes that backfires, and he goes looking for other bestial opportunities—if you know what I mean.”
Danie laughed like a Southern debutante with magnolias up her butt and a huge rock on her finger. “Samantha, Samantha. You don’t hold out on him forever! There’s this thing called teasing. And then you…”

Moira-Selene shook her head wordlessly and tuned Danie’s Dear Abby moment out. She felt slightly disillusioned and even more confused. Ever since she had left home when she was sixteen she wondered if there would be anyone for her. And even more, how would she go about finding him?

Zeus was about to answer her, loud and clear.

*              *              *

When Moira-Selene and her missing amour had met, Moira-Selene had been shopping with Gretchen and her friends Christine and Megami. Gretchen had tricked her into going shopping for a new bathing suit since the California weather warranted one.

“Do not try on a one-piece!” ordered Gretchen as Moira came out of the dressing room. “If you get that, I will get Jennifer to make it a bikini.”
“Teeny weeny itty bitty yellow polka-dot bikini!” exclaimed Christine and Megami at the same time. They fell into laughter and Moira shook her head.

Gretchen tossed a sky blue number at her that would have had Justin Timberlake in cardiac arrest. “Try this one on. I wanna see it on you.”
Moira peered at the two pieces of scant fabric in her fingers. “I don’t think Barbie could wear this, Gretch.”
“Well, not with that so-called ‘anatomically correct’ body.” Gretchen pushed her into the dressing room. “Now put it on! No one’s around but us. I promise.”
Moira disappeared into the fitting room, half-wondering what the hell had gotten into her. She was the demure one, the one who opted for class instead of flash. And now Gretchen had pressured her into squeezing into something that she could have cleaned the bathtub with. What was the world coming to?

Moira nearly fainted when she saw her reflection.

Is that me? Is that woman me?

“Come out, come out, wherever you are!”
Moira panicked. She could see the drool pooling at men’s feet already. She couldn’t go out there in that bathing suit. There was no way. Over her dead body!

Gretchen was going to make a scene if she didn’t get out there, so Moira stepped out of the fitting room. Gretchen fell into silence. Megami looked stunned.

“Nice pecs, mate,”Christine retorted.

Before Moira could say anything, a loud voice broke the silence.

“Damn! Look at that hottie!”
Moira was suddenly glad that she hadn’t eaten or drank anything yet.

Frozen in disbelief, Moira stared at the young, long-haired man with her mouth open wide. Gretchen leaped up and ushered Moira back into her fitting room, jerking the curtain shut. Gretchen turned her older sister around and helped her with the strings. Quickly, they got Moira back into her regular clothes. After sharing a knowing look, they paused to listen to the conversation outside, peeking out from behind the curtain.

“Hey, where did that girl go?” the guy asked. Apparently he hadn’t left.

“Um, she’s gone, mate,” Christine lied, talking loud enough so Moira and Gretchen could hear. “You just missed her.”
“Yeah,” added Megami.

“You know her?”
“No!” Megami and Christine said in unison.

Meanwhile, Gretchen sighed and shook her head. “This little shopping trip was a disaster,” she whispered.

“You had good intentions, Gretch,” Moira whispered. “I know you didn’t intend on a warm-blooded American male happening by just as I was in that bathing suit.” She gathered all the bathing suits up. “But I’ve got to take care of this. If I don’t, he’ll never go away.”
Gretchen could only watch, flabbergasted, as Moira opened the curtain and stepped out casually into store. Megami and Christine halted in their Three Stooges-caliber lying. The guy grinned impishly at Moira.

“Well, I must say, the bathing suit looks better on you,Ehe commented flirtatiously.

Moira tilted her head and gave him an expression Jessica would have been proud of. “Oh? Like a muzzle would look better on you?”
Christine snickered loudly. She turned sharply and dragged a red-faced Megami away as the guy’s smile faded. Gretchen was still slightly openmouthed.

“Oh, so you’re one of those types,” the guy said.

“I haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about,” Moira said, standing straight. “But I do know this: I do not associate with guys who find interest in me solely based upon my physical appearance.” Then she added, “And I know you’re of that type. So if you will, please get out of my way.”
But the guy was persistent. He remained firmly in front of Moira with his arms crossed. Even though his expression was slightly serious, there was a twinkle in his eyes.

“Not until you tell me your name,” he persisted.

Knowing that she was two steps away from punching him, Moira mustered up her patience. “The only thing I am going to tell you is that it would be wise to get out of my way.”
Was he laughing? Was the guy actually laughing at her?

Something inside her snapped. She thrust the bathing suits on a nearby rack and crossed her own arms.

“Are you getting out of my way or what?” Moira demanded.

“Not until I get what I want,” the guy told her, wiping tears of mirth from his eyes.

He was never going to move. She stepped to the right. So did he. She stepped to the far left. So did he. She snorted with anger and grabbed his arm. He began to grin, only to realize that he was sailing over her shoulder in air. When he fell to the ground with a big whoosh, Gretchen, Christine, and Megami all went slackjawed. Moira did a Danie-like hair toss and stalked off past a startled sales associate.

“Ay, mate! She bloody near broke that bloke in half!” marveled Christine.

Gretchen sighed once again as Megami led the two of them away from the recovering guy. “Why do I have a feeling this is far from over?”

To Be Continued…