Poetry Corner – “Battle Cry”

“Battle Cry”

It’s primal
The sensation of rising
The longer I wait
The more I’m finding

I was born
With my heartbeat 
Heavy in my throat
Thudding in my ears

The taste of fury
Thick on my tongue
Bold like a sharp point
It can’t be stopped, can’t be changed, can’t be cut off

So I yell
Here I come

The air thrums
With the energy
That spills
Directly from me

The chains break
Like brittle glass
Freedom flows
Like sweat down my  back

The weaponry fits
like an extra limb
With the grace
Of a wing

It can’t be stopped, can’t be stopped, can’t be cut off

So I yell
Here I come

I am tired  of being civilized
When you see the whites
Of my wild eyes, realize
You’re too close to be saved

Let the battle begin

Poetry Corner – “Control”


The wheel–please give me the wheel
My hands are knuckle-thin
Cannot reconcile the suspension
These roads are dangerous yet
I want the thrill of navigation
Who needs a nagging drone telling me to go?
If I get lost on the way
I’ll find the right path again
And when I reach my destination
You’ll marvel at my  dexterity