Poetry Corner – “Goodbye, January”

Tired of looking back
The past is burned in my memory
I focus my attention
On the step in front of me
Four weeks cushion the turn
Of the time we had and the time we’re getting
No turning around
To redo from what we should have learned

I wanna feel the smooth stride
Without novelty acting in spite
On a path of where we do not know the end
Goodbye, January–goodbye

Spring inches near
Waves of verdant fields
We wonder  if that herald will promise mercy
On our winter-suffering skin
We button our coats, dreaming
Of the scent of bloom in the air
Every beginning has an end

I wanna feel the sun
Without the wind coming back to bite
Late in the evening when I have time to breathe
Goodbye, January–goodbye

The Month of Cake

I apologize for my lack of updates this week. It’s been a little bit stressful at work. To have gainful employment I am convinced is assured hair-pulling. But oh well. Thankful for the work, always! I am also dealing with the birthdays of three members of my five-member family. Well, eight members technically when you add in fictive kin. So January I have dubbed the Month of Cake, though this year so far I have not bought a cake yet. But the month is still young!

Here’s to birthdays! Today’s my older sister’s, and she’s…what? Did you think I was going to tell you? 😉