Midnight Moon – “A Gifted Christmas” Scene One

“A Gifted Christmas”


Bedlam had descended, and it was armed with tinsel, turkey and stuffing.

In the kitchen of the normally calm house that Isabelle Flannery usually called home, Jessica Thomas stood frowning at the gravy she stirred with a wooden spoon. So deep she existed in her contemplation that she hardly noticed her younger brother peering over her shoulder.

Muttering under her breath about viscosity, Jessica grabbed a measuring cup full of water–just a yelp sounded from the dining room. Whirling toward the clamor, she nearly back-handed her brother and the water sloshed in the cup. Luckily, Eric’s reflexes almost matched her own–or he would have been on his way to the emergency room.

“Dammit–” Jessica began.

“Please don’t kill me,” Eric pleaded. “I was just checking on dinner. Do you need any help?”

Jessica pursed her lips together. “Let me guess. Miyori sent you in here.”

Eric shrugged. “I came on my own. You wouldn’t maim family would you?” A growl was Jessica’s response. At this point, who could be sure of anything, especially fratricide?

A crash preceded the hasty emergence of the man in question with three angry females hot on his heels. Narrowing her eyes, Jessica pulled out her cache of super-quick reflexes and did her allies a favor. Within a blink, Miyori lay on the tile, staring dumbfounded at the ceiling.

Samantha Dunne cheered. The windows rattled at the outburst of energy. “Hell fucking yeah, Jess! I knew you were always my favorite cousin.”

Beside her, Gretchen, Jessica’s little sister, pouted. “Hey, I thought I was your favorite cousin.”

“Not since you’ve got that dubstep shit stuck in my head,” Samantha retorted. This time Gretchen only fumed.

Miyori sucked in a breath before rising; his collision with the floor had been rather abrupt and highly uncomfortable. “I’ll have you know that I hardly deserve such treatment. The reports of my so-called shenanigans are highly exaggerated.”

Melanie Smith crossed her arms over her chest and cocked a hip to the side. “So says the asshole who decides to turn the tinsel into a snake while we’re putting it on the tree. I really oughta kick you right now and let you bleed!”

“I thought Mo was going to have to do CPR on poor Aurora,” Gretchen added.

Faced with the discomfort of his beloved princess, Eric punched Miyori in the shoulder. “What the hell, man?”

Miyori put his hands up in a gesture of defense. “It wasn’t poisonous. I don’t know what they’re so mad about. It wouldn’t have bitten anyone.”

“That’s hardly the point,” Gretchen said. “I don’t think it would sit well with anyone if their Christmas decorations metamorphosed into a slithery, hissing thing.”

“Real talk,” Samantha agreed.

A timer dinged; Jessica disentangled herself from the scene momentarily to extract the ham from the oven. Miyori stepped forward–only to meet with Jessica’s fist. Unlike Eric’s blow, this one had him staggering a few steps.

“What?” Jessica blinked innocently, all the while balancing the pan in one hand. “It was just a little punch.”

Glowering, Miyori’s mouth twitched; a split second later, the meat blinked up at the bemused cook and let out a distinctive oink.

Jessica’s eyes widened. She thrust the squealing dinner into her little sister’s arms and dived for the already moving Illusionist.

“What is going on in here?” Isabelle asked, looking every bit the part of the Mother with her long black curls unbound framing an expression of exasperation.

Melanie shook her head. “Miyori turned the tinsel into a snake, we chased him in here, and he turned the ham from cooked to spooked. Now Jessica’s pissed at him.”

As Samantha cheered on the beatdown and Gretchen chewed on her lip with the pan in her arms (the animated ham squirming all the while), Isabelle sighed. Why had she volunteered to host Christmas dinner at her house this year? Dios Mio!

Isabelle rubbed her temples, a tension headache beginning to form. “I think we may need to start dinner before someone dies.”

“No worries,” Melanie retorted. “If she kills him we can hide him in her wine cellar. No one will even notice he’s gone until after New Year’s. He won’t even be sober until then.”

No one is committing murder under my roof–especially not while I have one of Gracia’s finest sitting with a Guinness in my living room.” Stride full of purpose, Isabelle picked up the measuring up full of water and dashed it on the dueling duo.


When they peered at her incredulously, fighting instincts to attack, she turned on her best hostess grin. “Time for dinner!”

Awed, Gretchen muttered, “Now why didn’t we think of that?”



¡En Español! – “Santa Daniella” Act One, Scene One

Kids, stay in school. There. My public service announcement for the day.

It vexes me to say this, but here it goes: while in college, I attempted to get a minor in Spanish (I believe everyone should be bilingual or multilingual, you know?) but I punked out my last semester and ended up short two classes. So I carry the shame of taking the time to take upper level Spanish courses and yielding nothing. Well, except this.

I started this during that mind-fermenting time period and I hope to finish it someday. (Find it funny this is about Danie.)

So put this in your Google Translate and smoke it! Ha. Jesting.


Santa Daniella
La Historia de Danie Thomas (Tomas)

El personaje principal, Daniella
Sus hermanas, Jessica, Claudia, Moira, y Gretchen
Las amigas de Gretchen, Megami, Melanie, y Cristiane (Christine)
Sus padres quienes son divorciados, Irene y Roberto (Robert)
Sus tías, Elisa (Elizabeth) y Rebeca (Rebecca)
Sus primas, Casandra (Cassandra), Samantha, y Jennifer
El fotógrafo de Libre, Aidan Bloom

La editora de Libre, Melissa Buckley
Su hermano, Eric
Su mejor amiga, Charlene
La amiga nueva, Miranda
La esposa nueva de Roberto, Maria (Mary)
Las hijas de Daniella quienes son gemelas, Shannon y Abigail
Los padres nuevos de las gemelas, Victoria y Harlan Taylor

1. El nombre de Megami significa “diosa” en japonés.


(Nuestra historia empieza en una casa tranquila. Son las siete en la mañana. Las cinco hermanas de la familia Tomás están durmiendo…pues, nosotros pensamos que ellas están durmiendo, pero la más pequeña de las hermanas ha ido a hurtadillas en el cuarto de su hermana con sus mejores amigas, Cristiane, Megami, y Melanie. Daniella está durmiendo en su cama. El cuarto de Daniella es oscuro. Gretchen pone un dedo a los labios y camina a la cama.)

Melanie: (En un susurro) ¿Es ella dormida?

(Danie bufa en su dormida.)

Gretchen: Sí. Ella está durmiendo como una piedra. (A Megami) ¿Lo tienes?

Megami: (Con una sonrisa) ¡Claro que si! Nunca olvido redención.

Cristiane: Este es una idea muy mala.

Gretchen: (Dando una palmada a Cristiane en su espalda) ¡Baka! ¿Vas a ayudarnos a hacerlo o no? ¡Si no, sal ahora!

Cristiane: (Enojada) Tú no eres una buena amiga.

Melanie: ¡Cierra la boca! ¡Ella puede despertarse!


Gretchen: (A todas) ¿Están listos?

(Melanie y Megami contestan “sí.”)

Gretchen: Bueno. Házlo, Megami-chan.

(Megami saca una serpiente del jardín de Irene. Melanie alza la manta de Danie y lo pone al lado de la pierna de Danie. Melanie, Megami, y Gretchen se ríen y salen del cuarto con Cristiane. Fuera de la puerta, Gretchen habla.)

Gretchen: Bueno. Es terminado. Debemos ir atrás a cama antes Danie se levante.

Cristiane: Creo que este es una cosa mala que hicimos a Danie.

(Las otras chicas la empujan al cuarto de Gretchen para tener una discusión.)

Melanie: Mira, Cristiane, tu sabes que a Danie no la gustamos. Yo digo que ella lo merece.

Cristiane: No estoy de acuerdo. No creo que Danie merezca eso. ¿Por que no lo olvidan y la perdonan?

Melanie: Es obvio, Cristiane.

Megami: ¡Si! Danie es cruel a nosotros. Necesita aprender una lección, en mi opinión. Danie piensa que es tan importante porque tiene un contrato con eso agencia de los modelos. (En una voz aguda) “Mi nombre es Daniella Tomas y no desayuno esta mañana. ¿Qué es tu nombre? Quizás tú puedes ser mi novio si no desayunes también.”

(Gretchen y Melanie se ríen. Cristiane la mira con ira a Megami.)

Cristiane: Todavía creo que se llevamos bien con Danie. Ella habla sobre nosotros malamente porque tiene esa amiga cruel.

Megami: ¿Ay, Charlene, ne?

Cristiane: Exactamente. Esta chica…es muy mala. A Charlene no le gustamos y no permite que Danie piense diferentemente.

Megami: Charlene es como un gato con un actitud malo.

Melanie: Un perro macho es lo que ella es como, tú quieres decir.

Gretchen: Chicas, no debemos continuar a decir sobre esto. ¡Es mi cumpleaños! Honestamente, yo espero que hablemos sobre otras cosas.

Melanie: Buena idea.

Megami: Yo creo que debemos decir sobre muchachos.

Otras: ¡¿Muchachos?!