Sunday Snippet – “The End”

The date is July 30, 2011. I have just finished a double shift at my former job, and I am exhausted, physically, mentally, and emotionally. These words that poured out from me were not about a failed relationship–or perhaps it was, but not of the romantic sort. The woman who had stood at the helm of our little world was moving on, leaving us behind. The consensus among my coworkers was that we would feel regret but would be in some ways glad her reign was over, but my emotional composition was such that I felt both sentiments keenly.

Sadly I never finished the lyrics. Perhaps one day I will.

“The End”

Here we are, at the last page
The final chapter is almost done
But now as I peruse the take
It seems nothing great was won

Long days spent in silence
Moments waged in war
Small indecencies done to settle the score

The good times were had
Just as much as the bad
But nothing as better or worse as the end