Poetry Corner – “Declaration”

2011 continues to boggle my mind in hindsight. I started out the year searching, discovered and lost, and ended the year figuring I would be searching forever. It was not a welcome realization–until I realized that wonderful things come upon us in time. Even at your lowest, something kindles inside of your heart and soul to keep that fire going. If I can leave you with any thought…



In the still of the winter-night cold
I yearn for someone to hold
But I will not settle
In the bustle of life surrounding
Hand in hand everyone’s bounding
But I will not settle
Private memories break free
Like blood from a love wound, slyly
But I will not settle
Possibility muddies the rationale
And foes desire to be pals;
All the while, life goes blithely on
There’s more in store than is shown–
And somehow you think I’ll settle?

Lonely in the shower of chocolate hearts
And the barrage of sad-to-be-aparts
But no, I won’t settle
The luck is bestown on the others
Their cousins, sisters, and brothers
But no, I won’t settle
I have learned to wait my turn
Despite the heat of envy’s burn
So no I won’t settle
Quiet diligence eases the stings
While others have their flings;
I scan the horizon for a treasure
Accepting none under this high measure;
You’ve lost your mind if you think I will settle!

Even when the shields crumble
And I see you in half-slumber
Even when the slightest crack
Threatens full-fledged attack
Even if the sight of you with the next
Gives me the urge to cry till nothing’s left
I will not waste the time on you–
I will not settle for less than I am due

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