Sunday Snippet – “Dichotomy”

I have been forever fascinated by the polarity of light and dark. The idea that dark rises came from a Laurell K. Hamilton novel–I want to say that it’s Blue Moon in which Anita Blake remarks to the reader that darkness rises from the trees. I cannot remember if that is the exact book, but I do recall it was one of Laurell K. Hamilton’s. I was sitting around this morning, trying to kill some time before I had to run some errands (since most places open late on Sundays), and scribbling in my notebook.

I hope to someday come back to this poem. Maybe you’ll see it finished 🙂



Darkness rises, Mama says
From someplace she read;
Thick as thieves in shrubbery
Are the malicious, and saints
Dare not cross where shadows begin.

Light falls, the heralds warn
Yelling from the time we’re born
Slight in constitution the ones of bright–
Don’t they have a backbone upright?
In shade they need to be shrouded to preserve hue. 

Poetry Corner – “Little Hands”

On September 7, 2009, a little person came into my life, and even though I did not birth her, I am amazed by her all the same continuously. She possesses beauty and brains and brawn–and she knows it. Her sassiness exasperates me…until her sweetness bowls me over. To watch her flourish has been a blessing that I wish everyone could experience. I don’t see her as much as I used to several months ago, but I attempt to see her often. A precious thing it is to have little hands that love you.


“Little Hands”

Little hands reach up to me
Eyes glittering like starshine
How can I deny this lullaby?
Grew from fetus to fearless before my gaze
Amazed am I these current days
The wondrous things I hear you say!
The world through your sight
I can only imagine what that’s like
But I’ll have you in mine a long time.