Midnight Moon – Happy Birthday, Danie and Moira-Selene

In honor of Danie and Moira-Selene’s birthday, on September 2nd, I wrote this story. Moira-Selene closely resembles me in temperament  so it’s not surprising that she feels uneasy about birthdays. Danie, of course, arms herself with a wearisome itinerary and alcohol.

Gotta love being a twin 🙂

The Fall Girl

September 2, 2009

You don’t have to be a clairvoyant to know a birthday will reek of mild embarrassment. It’s a fact of life that permeates through time and space. And it usually wears a sombrero.

That feeling that comes over you when you are dining in a restaurant when, all of a sudden, the room is alive with singing, clapping, felicitations in a different language (depending on the kind of restaurant). Sympathy. That poor person, uneasily, uncomfortably in the middle of the chaos. You feel sympathy, but deep inside you’re glad it’s not you. And if you are the one in the middle of the whirlwind, well, nothing more than the ground swallowing you whole will suit the moment.

When it comes to birthdays, I think of them like I do a tempestuous thunderstorm–I would rather cover my head and wait for it to pass.

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Inner Bitch Moment – Anjulie’s “Brand New Bitch”

It’s definitely time for an Inner Bitch Moment!

I remember the first time I had stumbled upon Anjulie at CD Warehouse; I had heard “Rain” a few days before, and I thought to myself, Why not? Something new. I admired her writing and musical style and considered her an auspicious addition to my music collection.

A few months later (around May I think), “Brand New Bitch” hit the Internet, and I was captivated. Any girl who has been through a breakup knows that self-esteem is paramount; this song has it in spades. “Feelin’ so fly since you’ve been gone”? Damn straight!

Needless to say, I made sure this song got onto my phone ASAP and I was bumping down the street in Super Black™. Woe betide any man who got in the way! Well, at least during that song. 🙂