Inner Bitch Moment – Anjulie’s “Brand New Bitch”

It’s definitely time for an Inner Bitch Moment!

I remember the first time I had stumbled upon Anjulie at CD Warehouse; I had heard “Rain” a few days before, and I thought to myself, Why not? Something new. I admired her writing and musical style and considered her an auspicious addition to my music collection.

A few months later (around May I think), “Brand New Bitch” hit the Internet, and I was captivated. Any girl who has been through a breakup knows that self-esteem is paramount; this song has it in spades. “Feelin’ so fly since you’ve been gone”? Damn straight!

Needless to say, I made sure this song got onto my phone ASAP and I was bumping down the street in Super Black™. Woe betide any man who got in the way! Well, at least during that song. 🙂

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