Poetry Corner – “You and Me”

“You and Me”

Let’s blow out the candles
Sweep away the flower petals
I’d rather take up arms
With our backs merged
Take on a firing squad
Knowing we’re a good duo

Don’t call me beautiful, darling
Save the sentiment for the margins
I’d rather battle with my mind
Even though you’ll win everytime
Superseding me in my view
But I am here to learn

Forget those shiny distracting things
Save them for a material spirit
I’d rather receive things without a tag
Indulge me in the mundane
Spoil me with the unknown
There exists space to grow

When all the clamor reaches its end
In the quiet of the night
Cityscape twinkling like stars behind
If it appeases to hold me close
I will not argue for Long
The most important thing of all

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