Poetry Corner – “Dictionary”


You scratch your head
As if you’ve never seen
The likes of me
I’m something
Worthy of study
In classrooms
Across the country

I’ve got a strange swagger
That men and toads
Have all
But when I speak
My diction seems
Like fiction
A tongue that you
Have never heard

I transcend meaning
Beyond your understanding
Is where I reside
There are so many words
That have fallen
From your vocabulary
Your concept of me
Is out in space

I am incomparable
There is
No precedent for me
In imitation
No one has tried
To flatter me
And don’t try
You’ll come up short

I am undefined
And if you try
You cannot find
Me in your dictionary
You cannot pin
A name on me
I’m a moving target
With no visage
Unknown assailant
Here without warning
I am unrestricted
You cannot find
Me in your dictionary

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