Poetry Corner – “Walkaway”


You were the one I was waiting for
Survived the frogs to have Prince Charming at my door
You braved the storm to get to my core
And if there was a moment I ever felt low,
You helped me let go

The sun needs the moon
Like I need you
You tear me in two
When you walk away

You treated me like a rarity
Like a mermaid lost at sea without her feet
If I needed someone to put me at ease
Needed someone to cease the fear of being
You were always there for me

A cold hand needs a glove
Like I need your love
You have me sinking under
When you walk away

I try my best to be strong
I had a life before you came along
But what’s the use of making believe
That to me you meant nothing?
It’s all just a lie that covers the truth
How I can live now that you’re gone?

Poetry Corner – “Battle Cry”

“Battle Cry”

It’s primal
The sensation of rising
The longer I wait
The more I’m finding

I was born
With my heartbeat 
Heavy in my throat
Thudding in my ears

The taste of fury
Thick on my tongue
Bold like a sharp point
It can’t be stopped, can’t be changed, can’t be cut off

So I yell
Here I come

The air thrums
With the energy
That spills
Directly from me

The chains break
Like brittle glass
Freedom flows
Like sweat down my  back

The weaponry fits
like an extra limb
With the grace
Of a wing

It can’t be stopped, can’t be stopped, can’t be cut off

So I yell
Here I come

I am tired  of being civilized
When you see the whites
Of my wild eyes, realize
You’re too close to be saved

Let the battle begin

Poetry Corner – “Living in Your Head”

“Living in Your Head”

Chillin on Sunday with shades drawn
World turns but you’re hiding out
Saturday’s whirly mirth is gone
In worship of self you’re the most devout
No visitor is quite worthy
Reaching out will break the spell

Do you bump into yourself everywhere or do you let someone in?
When you’re living in your head, do you remember where you’ve been?

Paranoia missed you at the bar
Holding ya seat, asking, “How ya been?”
He swipes the keys to the car
Steering like you’re old friends
But he imbibed too long
Didn’t notice the obstacle

Do you  try to ignore but  the deduction is too adamant?
When you’re living in your head, who gets blamed for the accident?

Holed up  in your armored fortress
Peeking through the Lego block
All attempts will fail the test
When you leave  the entrance locked
Participation will be thin
If we’re on the outside looking in

Do you have to war or are you always free?
When you’re living in your head, who gets to possess the key?

Poetry Corner – “Nine”

My baby brother is autistic.

It’s not something I readily admit to people.  He’s a wonderful little boy despite it–aren’t they all, and the little girls, too–and I try not to let that color my perception of him. I remember the day, the moment he came into his world. This month, four days before my mama’s birthday, he turns nine. My world would not be the same without him, and for that, even with its hardships I am thankful.

I want to watch him grow and be taller than me.


For the Midget

The air displaced–it knew, right before the vibration–
The little one is coming, and you should come, too–
And bear witness to Life entering the room,
As deja vu comes over you; yes, we sisters three
Traveled the same path to light and sound
Where shrouded in Mother we could not partake;
And now he enters, an early gift, this child of ours.

And that poor little face, marred by skin sucked dry
Still handsome in our eyes, our precious boy;
Cognizant were we to the milestones of being,
Tiny fingers grasping tight, edentulous smiles
Accompanied by sweet giggles, cooing like music;
From roving hands to sturdy legs we watched him move
Mirth sparkling from his dark eyes
But his words, incomprehensible.

Wait–we said, hope in our hearts
Until the consensus was made: Something is not right;
Objects of play lined up with startling efficiency
And garbled language incited alarm–
Fear took over, and I would be remiss if I denied it;
Knowing presents a remarkable weapon
And to deny this special child–a heinous crime.

But his heart, that little thumping organ
Bigger seemingly in figurative terms;
Taking up the spoon, making sure the smaller one ate
Ruthlessly, forgetting himself and his own appetite
Until presented with a notebook, a blank canvas;
He colored till his fingers stained
Only to pause to ask us, How was your day?

Out in the world is he now, with others his own size,
Lining up to have a work of art fashioned in his hand
With depth and splashes of color that belie his age;
He meets me at the door with tiny arms outstretched
And reads a short tale from a hand-made book;
How far he’s come, I muse, our little man
And further he’ll go, us propelling his burgeoning wings.

Poetry Corner – “Lonely Girl”

“Lonely Girl”

Materialize they do, the stars
On your ceiling tonight
Live vicariously, no harm
Through them to shine so bright
Whatever the whiteness becomes
Taking form as your heart thrums

This is how lonely girls take their fun

Out the window paradise looms
Hues more vivid than ever met the eye
Imagination is a cherished boon!
Never in reality would this have been right
Ill-met in translation of this land

Making the others understand
Leads the outsiders to disband

And rueful this may seem
A solitary adventure of one
One girl’s hell is another’s dream
Depending on how the tale is spun
So when she weaves a tale for your mind
Take the time–realize!
What you perceive may be most entwined.

Poetry Corner – “Dictionary”


You scratch your head
As if you’ve never seen
The likes of me
I’m something
Worthy of study
In classrooms
Across the country

I’ve got a strange swagger
That men and toads
Have all
But when I speak
My diction seems
Like fiction
A tongue that you
Have never heard

I transcend meaning
Beyond your understanding
Is where I reside
There are so many words
That have fallen
From your vocabulary
Your concept of me
Is out in space

I am incomparable
There is
No precedent for me
In imitation
No one has tried
To flatter me
And don’t try
You’ll come up short

I am undefined
And if you try
You cannot find
Me in your dictionary
You cannot pin
A name on me
I’m a moving target
With no visage
Unknown assailant
Here without warning
I am unrestricted
You cannot find
Me in your dictionary