Poetry Corner – “The Mark Made Me”

“The Mark Made Me”

The scar lingers out of sight
Underneath the collar
No princess-cut from thee,
Right over the mammary
And it still aches to breathe
The silk offends sensibility
Water brings no relief
In a livid red it blazes
Proclaiming agony in every inch
Please don’t touch, don’t look
I curl around it, wishing away
But it never heals
Because you slice the same
And I don’t fight 


Poetry Corner – “Maybe Someday” (2003)

“Maybe Someday” (2003)

Yes, you were the one
To make the wounds all right.
If you wanted to take me over,
I’d go without a fight.
But I’m young.
I don’t think I could have been
The one to make you sigh in delight.
No, not quite.

Someday, when I get older
Maybe I’ll understand.
Maybe someday,
When I get older,
You and I can be lovers.

I had all these misconceptions in my head.
Reality ensued instead.
It wasn’t like the novels I had read.
Where were all the nights alone,
The walks on the beach,
The breakfast in bed?
Could I really be the one
To have your desires fed?
No, I was misled.

Someday, when I get older
Maybe I’ll understand.
Maybe someday,
When I get older,
You and I can be lovers.
Yeah, someday, when I get older
I’ll be out of this fantasyland.
Then you and I can be lovers.

You think I’m the right one for you.
Perhaps someday that could be true.
But right now, I’ve got some growing to do.

Poetry Corner – “Invisible Woman”

“Invisible Woman”

Sliding in from the shadows
A blur in the corner of the eye
She lingers on the peripheral
If you could see her eyes
You would run from the horror
When she attempts to speak
Her words turn into smoke
At her most bare no one detects
The identity she wears like a shroud
Shes the greatest mystery known
This invisible woman

Poetry Corner – “Gon Learn Today”

“Gon Learn Today”

Did you hear the news?
Did you hear the tea spillin’ truth?
You see her eyes roll
Neglect has taken toll
When you flee for the telephone
Your cover’s blown
If you didn’t get the point  I made
Boy, you gon learn today

Did you see the storm?
Did you see the dark ’cause no one’s home?
You get the dial tone
‘Cause she’s in a different zone
And maybe she’s lil’ wary
Of being your faithful ferry
If you think you’ll pass with nothing to pay
Boy, you gon learn today

Common sense makes smarter men
Smarter men make sense happen

Did you smell the smoke?
Did you see the real under the cloak?
You wonder why she’s ignoring you
But stop and take a slanted view
Perhaps she thinks of moving on
Tired of being lonely when she’s not alone
If you think that it wouldn’t burn
Boy, you gon learn

Poetry Corner – “Goodbye, January”

Tired of looking back
The past is burned in my memory
I focus my attention
On the step in front of me
Four weeks cushion the turn
Of the time we had and the time we’re getting
No turning around
To redo from what we should have learned

I wanna feel the smooth stride
Without novelty acting in spite
On a path of where we do not know the end
Goodbye, January–goodbye

Spring inches near
Waves of verdant fields
We wonder  if that herald will promise mercy
On our winter-suffering skin
We button our coats, dreaming
Of the scent of bloom in the air
Every beginning has an end

I wanna feel the sun
Without the wind coming back to bite
Late in the evening when I have time to breathe
Goodbye, January–goodbye

Poetry Corner & The Payback List – “Man Candy”

“Man Candy”
(for Della, Margo, Emily, Michelle, and Monique)*

Don’t tug on heart strings
You make my —– sing

You wanna unwrap his sugarcane
See what’s under the cellophane
On display in the sweet shop
You want a taste of his lollipop
And all before prudence says stop
The sweet’s driven you insane

Ain’t no silly love song
So get your purple thong
And sing along

He’s nice and handy
When you need
Some man candy
He’s wicked randy
When you need
Some man candy

He comes in a variety of flavors
With so many textures to savor
You can find one to suit your need
To fit what the craving might be
They promise satisfaction guaranteed
With your desired party favor

Ain’t no silly dedication
So get your purple thong
And sing along

He’s nice and handy
When you need
Some man candy
He’s wicked randy
When you need
Some man candy

Don’t tug on heart strings
You make my —– sing

Sometimes it’s necessary
But the pleasure’s temporary
You can want it later
But it never lasts
You want missionary?
He gives it in the —

Sometimes it’s necessary
But the pleasure’s temporary
You can wish for longevity
But it never comes
Once he’s at his end
The fun is all done

*From Part I of the Payback List:

“As for his looks, I have to say, Adam is fairly good-looking. Sigh. All right fine—if you can overlook his personality, he is one fine piece of man candy. (Wait…but then again, he is merely man candy because of his personality…aw hell, I’ll let Margo and Michelle tell you properly. They coined the phrase and predictably will have a portion of this tale to tell.) He possesses that tall, toned stature of an athlete with dark hair threaded with random strands of gray. Apparently it runs in the family and he will be completely silver haired by thirty-five. Emily gushes that her favorite feature are his eyes, which are a lovely (ech) cornflower blue.

“I had a cat with gray eyes once. Beautiful kitty Oscar was—but you didn’t see me turning a blind eye when Ozzy pissed on my favorite boots now did you? Just saying.”

-Della Henderson

Inner Bitch Moment – “Never Born”

Ah, you’ve been in a corner long enough Inner Bitch. Attack!

“Never Born”

(for Mags, Aurora, and Sam)

You’ve plenty of it
When you swagger in my direction
Your smile is large
Like you can make promises
To induce my persuasion
But I’ll tell you, love
I’m not easily swayed

I don’t play games
I’ll work you till you’re worn
Make you wish you were never born

The other girls may
Fall to your feet begging for more
And other girls may
Hang on your every single word
Like you were sent from the sky
But in my honest opinion
You’re not worth the strain

I won’t be easy
You gotta put on a better show
I’ll make you wish you were never born

It’s a shame
A losing game if you were taking score
I’ll make you wish you were never born

Before you tell me
I’m only bitter, I’ll be all alone
Paying vigil to my telephone
I regret to say
You’re the last to hear the news
You’re the last one I would ever choose

If you’re scorned
Then take it with outside the door
Hope I’ve made you wish you were never born

Poetry Corner – “Walkaway”


You were the one I was waiting for
Survived the frogs to have Prince Charming at my door
You braved the storm to get to my core
And if there was a moment I ever felt low,
You helped me let go

The sun needs the moon
Like I need you
You tear me in two
When you walk away

You treated me like a rarity
Like a mermaid lost at sea without her feet
If I needed someone to put me at ease
Needed someone to cease the fear of being
You were always there for me

A cold hand needs a glove
Like I need your love
You have me sinking under
When you walk away

I try my best to be strong
I had a life before you came along
But what’s the use of making believe
That to me you meant nothing?
It’s all just a lie that covers the truth
How I can live now that you’re gone?

Poetry Corner – “Battle Cry”

“Battle Cry”

It’s primal
The sensation of rising
The longer I wait
The more I’m finding

I was born
With my heartbeat 
Heavy in my throat
Thudding in my ears

The taste of fury
Thick on my tongue
Bold like a sharp point
It can’t be stopped, can’t be changed, can’t be cut off

So I yell
Here I come

The air thrums
With the energy
That spills
Directly from me

The chains break
Like brittle glass
Freedom flows
Like sweat down my  back

The weaponry fits
like an extra limb
With the grace
Of a wing

It can’t be stopped, can’t be stopped, can’t be cut off

So I yell
Here I come

I am tired  of being civilized
When you see the whites
Of my wild eyes, realize
You’re too close to be saved

Let the battle begin