Poetry Corner – “Secret”

The idea for this website, as I have expressed before, came from urging from my ex–Mr. Nameless if you will. (If you couldn’t tell I have based a couple of characters off of him.)Earlier this year, I was trying to come up with content and this was one of the things I sent him. In hindsight, this one makes me a little ill–it seems so saccharine. No wonder he didn’t say anything; I guess he didn’t want to hurt my feelings… 😉



I hold you in my palm, fingers closed over—
When everyone is gone I hazard a quick peek.
In corners I delight in the memory of you,
Holding it close when I cannot sleep at night.

To tell the world—the ease is elementary!
But this thrill has too much allure,
And not everyone is worthy to partake
In the knowledge of something so rare.

What induces that smile? The gleam that hints
At a hidden treasure buried in the depths.
“She looks as if she’s gotten lucky,” they say,
And if they knew, they’d know—I have.

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