Inner Bitch Moment – “What I Want”

Twice in a seven day period? What can I say?

I think of parts of this song sometimes like a schoolyard chant; the first part came to me while I was at my previous job (I had a lot of idle time on slow nights). The message of this little diddy is, I know what I am looking for and don’t you tell me different *headswivel

This feels more like Real Talk…ah, maybe I need a new category?


“What I Want”

Three little girls sitting a tree
Birds didn’t know what they heard
But the beat was rockin’
They didn’t mind bein’ disturbed

Ever since I could tie my shoe
And kick ass at four square
I wasn’t like the others
Sycophants couldn’t compare
They were hoping for Cupid
I found I didn’t care

‘Cause what I want is bigger than his name in a heart
What I want won’t fit in my shopping cart
From the clearance bin at Wal-Mart
Or dance on my screen when I press start

So hey (yeah) you (uh huh)
You say you do what you please
But no (ho) oh no (no oh)
Looks like you’re on your knees

Three little girls walkin’ down the street
Voices high to spread the word
Even motes were hoppin’
No one cared they were perturbed

I had a frog a time or two
Made me wanna be a nun
Too bad – woe is they
‘Cause I’m made of sterner stuff
Not gonna stick when it’s dire
Don’t need a bloke to have fun

Cuz what I want is better than rattling box springs
What I want is better than matching rings
What I want is not on that list of small things
That make up fancy flights and pipe dreams

So hey (yeah) you (uh huh)
You say you are emancipated
But no (ho) oh no (no oh)
Looks like you’re constipated

Three little girls rockin’ to the beat
Walls shakin’ enough to crash
No one’s keeping their seat
Girls holler back as they ask

So hey (yeah) you (uh huh)
You say you’re elated?
But no (ho) oh no (no oh)
Why you still hanging on to that jerk you dated?

‘Cause what you want is better than him
Than the nights you spent in the dim
Wallowing low in the grim
Wondering if he was really out with his friends

So hey (yeah) you (uh huh)
When are you gonna get the point?
It’s time you get what you want

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