Inner Bitch Moment – “(Do) What I Want”

Ah hell–he unleashed a monster and didn’t even realize it.

A friend of mine sent me an article to read regarding the gender inequality in the hard sciences. If you all did not know this about me, I will reveal it now: I am a feminist. Once upon a time, in that mental garden I call undergrad, I was a Women’s Studies minor. I consider myself appreciative of science and math as well as liberal arts (which will probably incite that whole conundrum of whether or not I should have gotten my Bachelor’s in Science). I don’t believe women are better than men. We should be equal.

But who has time for a rant? 🙂


You say I fail the test
Cite my sensibility
But if you don’t give me a go
I doubt your credibility

Bump your anatomy
There is no academy
That says I can’t do what I want

Mama didn’t work on her hands and knees
So you could treat me how you please

The tool will fit
No matter the size of the hand
But you say I should be baking
Leave the heavy to a man

Screw the status quo
There is no mold
That says I can’t do what I want

My foremothers didn’t stand on the steps
So you could pass and say I did my best

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