Poetry Corner – “Heart”


Oh, Heart–why is it that you can never lie still
When he lifts his eyes to mine and flashes a smile?
Intellect ardently yells its disapproval from above
And warns you smartly of a painful demise.
But you tremble on, relishing the warmth and light
That chases the chill and gloom inside you away.

Oh, Heart–why is it that you can never resist that tug of gravity
When he opens his arms and wraps them around me?
Sense fervently tells you not to fall for the pretense
That traps unsuspecting young women against temptation.
Yet you tumble down, loving the sensation of
Being Heart to his Heart.

Oh, Heart–why is it that you can never let me sleep peacefully
While of plaguing me with thoughts I cannot cease?
I am too old for romantic daydreams and flights of fancy
But the girl in me surfaces in the twilight and wishes
That once, just this once, his Heart felt the same as you.

And Heart–I honestly cannot blame you for sighing
When his lips touch mine in goodbye.
Sense even understands the affection in the gesture.
But Heart, you take it upon yourself to intensify its meaning
Until he and I are almost betrothed, offering up I-love-yous
Over matching his and hers bath towels.
Seriously? Not a chance, Heart.

Yes, I know Sense and Intellect are aligned with Pessimism and Doubt
And you’d rather not heed their constant warnings
Coupled with their good intentions. You’d rather ignore
Their reasoning and barrel on blindly, believing that
Perhaps things are better your way. The possible truth is
Too hard to reconcile, to hard to accept.

I have grown up in a world where Sense and Intellect
Are supposed to better dictate my actions (for the most part, anyway)
And there has not been much room for you, Heart.
But you are too stubborn to be ignored, too insistent to be
Concealed, and before I know it, I am floored
By the tenderness in his embrace–dammit, I feel you–and I sigh. Well.

I think you’ve gotten me in trouble.
Because I have with the slightest fear
That despite all of my Sense and Intellect and Pessimism and Doubt
I have much, much more Heart than I need.


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